Autotransfusion systems
for an array of operations

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The American firm Haemonetics, with a 70 year tradition is a leading global supplier of blood management technology. 

The Haemonetics technology portfolio is organised into two divisions, focusing on donors and patients. 

The patient division and surgical workplace autotransfusion systems such as CellSaver and OrthoPAT are represented in the Czech Republic by VAMEX.


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Autotransfusion systems

Blood Filters

  • bedside
    • Erythrocyte (RC, RC2, ...) 
    • Trombocyte (PL2, PL3, ...) 
  • in-line
    • Leukotrap RC, WB, 
  • Laboratory 
    • Erythrocyte (BPF4, ...) 
    • Trombocyte (LRP6, PRP10, ...) 
  • Microagregate (SQ40, ...), 

Cell Saver®

Autologous Blood Recovery System 

  • various sets 
  • for intraoperative and postoperative use 
  • using automatic and manual modes 
  • providing modifiable sequestration protocols for various operations

Cell Saver® Elite™


The OrthoPAT system is designed to provide perioperative autotransfusion in patients undergoing orthopedic surgery. The system consists of a single-use set and electromechanical parts, which together collect and process red blood cells lost during surgery and after surgery. 

Further information in the online PDF brochure. The PDF manual is available for download and a presentation can be seen on YouTube.



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